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Our Care funds page is her to help our fellow community members.  It is all about the Village.  It takes a village for us to be well & THRIVE!  

     Meet our fellow comunity members that could use your help.

    Meet the familes, the children, the people that could use your help. 

    Read their stories. 

    You can donate to help these individuals on their health and wellness journey.  Lets Take Care of Our Village!

    Owen Englert

    Owen is a 5 year old boy (as of 2022) from Chippewa Falls. He lives with his parents, Samantha and Michael, and two little brothers, Jonathan and Everett. He is a sweet and fun loving little boy who has a love for monster trucks, being outside and wrestling around with his family. He shares a passion for the outdoors with his father and brothers. They are often found scouting in the woods, preparing for the upcoming deer hunting season, or in a boat or on the ice, fishing. Owen has always found a huge release being outside. He enjoys all of the sensory options the outdoors has to offer him. The feel of water flowing against his hands, the breeze blowing through his hair and the freedom to shout and run as he pleases, are some of his favorite things about the outdoors.

    Owen was given an autism diagnosis shortly after his second birthday. Speech and sleep regressions are Owens’ biggest setbacks.
    Shortly after his diagnosis he was enrolled in an ABA therapy program. Although ABA was a great support for Owen during the day, he still struggled with anxiety and sleep at home.
    Owens’ family is very grateful for the opportunity to work with Evolving Wellness through The Spectrum program.  They have offered a variety of support to Owen such as help balancing his body through appropriate supplements and chiropractic care. Owens’ sleep and speech have had a steady increase since starting with Evolving Wellness.
    A fence for the family’s property would significantly help Owen and his family enjoy the outdoors while just one or both parents are home. Owens’ parents have found their children are experts at running in different directions at the same time, making it difficult to take all of the children outside. They have noticed that not only Owen, but the whole family thrives when they have time outside together.
    Evolving Wellness is also providing services to Owen through the Rutledge’s Amazing donation but we could also use funding to continue to help this family with direct services, supplements & testing.
    With Much Gratitude & Thanks
    Laura Berndt

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