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Evolving Wellness is an innovative nonprofit 501(c)(3) in the Greater Chippewa Valley, established in 2018. We are a regional network of highly respected health and wellness practitioners offering therapies such as functional medicine, chiropractic, equine-assisted therapy, massage, music and art therapy, nutrition, life and health coaching, meditation, energy work, yoga, and many other natural options.

Our services offer support to alleviate conditions such as lung disease, cancer, autism, mental health, cancer, Lymes disease, and many others. Our vision is to be innovators of a “New Way of Wellness,” one that embraces synergy and a long-range view of wellness, creating a new approach to “cooperative wellness care.”

Evolving Wellness focuses on a mind, body, and spirit approach to health and wellness. We advocate for proactive wellness, educating, and providing health services for the community and individuals.

Through Evolving Wellness, you’ll experience healthcare unlike ever before. A Health Navigator will meet with you, discuss your options, coordinate your care plan, and ensure treatment collaboration between your providers.

Our current and future programs through grants and generous community donations aim to help alleviate some of the financial burdens that result from illness. It is our dream to purchase equipment that can be used at a discounted rate for the community in need so that everyone can receive the treatments they need to live a long and healthy life.

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Our Story

Founder, Laura Berndt started reaching out to the practitioners in her community after she had been through a trying two-year cycle of pain. She realized during her personal experience that practitioners were not communicating with one another to help her break this cycle of pain.

In May 2015, Laura was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and this changed everything. Laura had to shut down her massage business, abandon Evolving Wellness, and focus on her healing. With the cancer came many blessings and brought together a further vision of Evolving Wellness.

On her journey with cancer, she decided to treat naturally. The oncologist washed his hands of her, and Laura went on a mission of wellness. Finding amazing practitioners, treatments, and looking for the root causes took Laura down many paths. The cost of non-western treatments was not covered by insurance. Fundraising was necessary to take this direction.

Group photo of Laura Berndt and her 3 children
Laura holding a piece of her artwork

These experiences are where the thought of Evolving Wellness came together.

What if practitioners would work together with one another to help attain the goal of complete wellness with their patients? What if there was a place people could come to discover their wellness needs through an accessible network of passionate, outstanding wellness? What if we could create a wellness hub where people can come to take action on whole-body wellness? What if we could provide the possibility of fundraising and donation help so people can have options for their wellness?

These dreams, vision, and dedicated providers are the seeds that have grown into Evolving Wellness, a community of practitioners working together in unison, offering an array of health and wellness services with the goal of a strong, connected, and healthy community.

Laura holding a piece of her artwork


As a non-profit, we will always be looking for sources of revenue to fill the gaps for people in need of wellness services. Some of our projects are covered by grants, but many future programs depend on the generosity of our community partners and gracious donors.

Grants will be used to fund community projects. Examples:

  • School kids with ADHD
  • Pre-diabetic/Diabetic
  • Kids with Asthma
  • Traumas & Tragedies

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Through the help of our volunteers, Evolving Wellness is possible. The volunteer options are endless, and we are excited to welcome the talents of all backgrounds.

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    Our Practitioners and Wellness Advocates network is located throughout the Chippewa Valley. They are independent but work as a community to customize your care and help you attain your wellness goals. 

    Many of the practitioners within Evolving Wellness have their own unique story to tell on why they’ve chosen the route of holistic medicine and have passion unlike any other. Learn more about our practitioners by clicking here!

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