Current Programs

Below is a list of the current programs we offer at Evolving Wellness. Feel free to read through each, and click the “Learn More” button on each program to learn more and sign up!

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Love and Light Wellness

There is an alarming increase of children who are struggling with behavioral health issues, stress, anxiety and traumas. The Love & Light Wellness incorporates Art With Heart Healing Program, Music Therapy, Nutrition Guidance & Education, Yoga, Meditation & Guided Breathing for our children.

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The Spectrum

Evolving Wellness is here to change the status quo!

The Spectrum program began in July 2020. Our program helps children with Autism and their families thrive. Many of these families’ needs fall through the cracks. This leaves the family to fend for themselves and children go sadly under-supported. This program will work with the entire family unit. When the whole family is involved the child, along with the family will have long term benefits.

Evolving Wellness blends education, resources and direct services for children on the spectrum. Our practitioner members come together as a community of professionals that collaborate for the greater good of the individual we are working with.

2022 *grant availability for those in Chippewa County*

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Teen Center

Evolving Wellness offers our Teen Community:

  • A safe place to connect
  • A place to unplug
  • An opportunity to share a meal together
  • Wellness activities
  • A place to be loved and accepted

Become Well, Be Well, Stay Well

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