Evolving Wellness

Focusing on a mind, body, and spiritual approach to health and wellness
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Evolving Wellness

Focusing on a mind, body and spiritual approach to health and wellness

“Art With Heart” Registrations Now Open!

This program is designed to bring forward the healing power of creative expression for kids ages 5-18. Register today!

Feeling Lost on Your Wellness Journey?

Evolving Wellness is here to connect you to the providers, services & resources that best fit your needs.

Looking for a New Way of Wellness? Do you want to get to the root cause? Would you like to reduce or get off your medications? Would you like to improve your quality of life? Would you like to lessen side effects of treatments? Have you thought about blending integrative therapies with your conventional health services?

When people endure serious illnesses or chronic conditions, inevitably their quality of life quality suffers, and side effects of conventional medicine treatments bring undue hardship. Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) can help. Our services can be used as complementary or alternative. Evolving Wellness offers a Body-Mind-Spirit Approach. We offer Options… We offer Hope!

Animated man surrounded by thoughts of feeling lost in wellness journey
Animated man surrounded by thoughts of feeling lost in wellness journey
Animated man and woman discussing the benefits of Evolving Wellness

That’s Where Evolving Wellness Comes In!

Prescription drug use is at an all-time high in the United States, and often patients complain that the first course of action for their doctor is to write a pharmaceutical prescription. Most of the therapies used in CAM are natural, this is far from the chemically based and standardized interventions seen in conventional medicine. This includes but is not limited to, herbs, essential oils, diet, supplements, chiropractic treatment, mind-body practices and naturopathy.

Evolving Wellness is committed to offering a holistic approach to your total health and wellbeing. That’s why, as part of our innovative Become Well…Be Well…Stay Well concept, we provide a comprehensive Health and Wellness Navigation program. In this program, our highly-trained Wellness Navigator works personally with you to anticipate your health and wellness needs and address them; including guiding you through the programs, services and amenities we offer that focus on a body, mind & spirit approach to wellness to ensure your overall physical, social and emotional wellbeing.

Animated man and woman discussing the benefits of Evolving Wellness

Our Mission

Evolving Wellness offers a proactive approach to healing Body, Mind, Spirit for our community to: Become Well…Be Well…Stay Well

Connecting Chippewa Valley residents with an evolving wellness community

Evolving Wellness is your gateway to holistic health and well being navigating clients to providers who optimize every aspect of your health, while helping to uncover the root of your challenges.

Evolving Wellness By The Numbers


Evolving Wellness enjoys a collective 350 years of practitioner expertise specializing in and producing positive outcomes for their clients


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Don’t just take our word for it, read first hand how we’ve changed lives 

Tears of desperation are now replaced with tears of hope and joy. Like the pebble thrown into the water, it creates waves of benefit to all in our community. This work is invaluable and more should benefit from it.

~ L.E., Grateful Mother

I have recently completed the COPD breathing therapy offered by Fit to Breathe, and I found it to be an excellent program which has helped me immensely in learning to cope with my COPD. I would highly recommend everyone who suffers from COPD at whatever stage to be afforded the opportunity to experience this therapy.

~ Eric Strand

Jayne has a calm and supportive demeanor that has allowed my daughter to relax and enjoy interacting with animals that can seem intimidating to beginners.The patience Jayne displayed gave my daughter, who is reluctant to try new things, the time to choose to participate when she was ready.

Our Programs


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Love and Light Wellness

There is an alarming increase of children who are struggling with behavioral health issues, stress, anxiety and traumas. The Love & Light Wellness incorporates Art With Heart Healing Program, Resilient Teen Program, Teen Center Program, Music Therapy, Nutrition Guidance & Education, Yoga, Meditation & Guided Breathing for our children.

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The Spectrum

Evolving Wellness is here to change the status quo!

The Spectrum program began in July 2020. Our program helps children with Autism and their families thrive. Many of these families’ needs fall through the cracks. This leaves the family to fend for themselves and children go sadly under-supported. This program will work with the entire family unit. When the whole family is involved the child, along with the family will have long term benefits.

Evolving Wellness blends education, resources and direct services for children on the spectrum. Our practitioner members come together as a community of professionals that collaborate for the greater good of the individual we are working with.

2022 *grant availability for those in Chippewa County*

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Teen Center

Evolving Wellness offers our Teen Community:

  • A safe place to connect
  • A place to unplug
  • An opportunity to share a meal together
  • Wellness activities
  • A place to be loved and accepted

Thank You To Our Sponsors and Community Partners!


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