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 There is an alarming increase of children who are struggling with behavioral health issues, stress, anxiety and traumas. Per the CDC, for children aged 3-17, approximately 6.1 million have received an ADHD diagnosis, 4.5 million have a diagnosed behavior problem, 4.4 million have diagnosed anxiety, and 1.9 million have diagnosed depression. The Love & Light Wellness Program incorporates Art With Heart Healing Program, Resilient Teen Program, Music Therapy, Nutrition Guidance & Education, Yoga, Meditation & Guided Breathing for our children.

The Love & Light Wellness Program offered by Evolving Wellness empowers our youth on their lifelong wellness journey. We offer our children & teens in need of support & coping tools to deal with trauma, adversities, anxiety & stress in their daily lives. Below are some examples of the services and education that we provide:

  • Art With Heart Healing
  • Resilient Teen
  • PATH Program
  • Music Therapy
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Safe Haven Teen Center
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Art With Heart Program


Mode of Expression: Talk therapy focuses on verbalizing thoughts and emotions, while art therapy/healing utilizes art as a means of expression and communication. Access to Emotions: Art therapy/healing can provide a pathway for accessing and exploring emotions that may be difficult to articulate verbally.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Is a direct therapeutic framework that focuses on the link between thoughts, emotions & behaviors.  It encourages the development of new coping skills by offering healthy alternatives to unhelpful thoughts and behaviors, as well as learning how to ride out intense emotions

Narrative Therapy- Asks key questions that help separate the issue from the person, allowing the retelling of events and creating a narrative of hope.  Sharing memories in one-on-one sessions – and both sharing and listening to other people’s stories in group sessions – decreases feelings of isolation and normalizes experiences.

Art Therapy – Uses the creative process to explore feelings nonverbally in order to reconcile emotional conflicts and reduce anxiety.  Guided self-expression can spur personal insight as well as self-motivated behavior, helping teens build skills for coping with stress and other challenges.

Magnificent Marvelous Me!  Grades K-2 Ages 5-8gives kids an opportunity to name their emotions, support systems, and dreams for the future. Suggested age range: Kindergarten to 2nd grade.

Magnificent Marvelous Me! is a therapeutic activity book designed to help kids dealing with trauma or adversity. Blending therapeutic principles with world-class illustration, this 48-page book contains engaging activities that provide emotional support for kids. This resource was designed to decrease kid’s sense of isolation and helplessness, increase self-esteem and self-awareness, provide a safe place for confusing feelings, and help build resilience and coping skills. Magnificent Marvelous Me! encourages the exploration of complex emotions that go hand-in-hand with overwhelming challenges. Filled with social emotional learning activities, children will learn strategies to build healthy connections and communication through creative expression.


Draw It Out Grades 3-5  Ages 8-11offers kids a safe place to ask difficult questions and mull over their answers. Suggested age range: 3rd to 5th grade.  Draw It Out is a therapeutic activity book for elementary-aged kids with complex and confusing emotions. Developed under the guidance of 27 mental health experts, the age-appropriate, research-based prompts serve as a springboard for courageous conversations, helping kids develop strategies for healing. Draw It Out invites kids to share their emotions, identify their support system, and clarify misconceptions—validating and normalizing their experiences. By encouraging expression and discussion, Draw It Out provides a creative vehicle for developing a visual and verbal vocabulary for loss, as well as a supportive structure to teach social and emotional learning strategies while building resilience.

 Ink About It Grades  6-8  Ages 11-14 asks middle school youth what they want from relationships, how they handle stress, and which goals they most want to accomplish. Suggested age range: 6th to 8th grade.  Ink About It is a therapeutic activity book that uses creative expression to help middle school youth cope with difficult circumstances. Ink About It was developed in collaboration with experts in the mental health field and features a combination of writing and art prompts, blending therapeutic modalities with world-class illustration to support middle schoolers as they develop an understanding of themselves and their emotions. This book helps young people open the door to healing by helping them build resilience and other social and emotional skills as they unlock their own capacity for creative expression.


Meet Our Practitioners & Facilitators

Amy Hahn Photo

Amy Hahn

Amy Hahn is part of EW Art With Heart Team

Art Therapist

Art with Heart Program Director

Kim Negus

  Nichole Cerrillo

Nichole Cerrillo offers Yoga Therapy, Guided Breathing & Meditation

  • Art With Heart Facilitator
  • Resilient Teen Facilitator
  • Teen Center Facilitator
  • Safe Sound Protocol Facilitator

Heather Felty Photo

Heather Felty

Heather offers Yoga, Guided Meditation, Publishing,

  • Resilient Teen Facilitator
  • Art With Heart Facilitator


Kim Negus

Marilyn Nicanor

Rays of Sol

Laura holding a piece of her artwork

Laura Berndt – LMT

Laura Berndt is part of EW Art With Heart Team

Kim Negus

Kim Negus NMT

Kim Negus offers Music Therapy

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For over 20 years, Art with Heart has been using the healing power of creative expression to support kids and youth. This therapeutic, art-based curriculum and books are a proven path to transforming pain into possibility. Now in their third decade, they’ve merged with Childhaven and a family of services dedicated to relational health and connecting with kids and their communities in all the places they live, learn, and play. To learn more about Art with Heart, click here.

PATH logo

PATH curriculum gives our practitioners tools to have important conversations with our youth about mental health. This comprehensive curriculum deepens students’ understanding of mental health and suicide awareness, as it delivers a set of tools that can potentially serve them in every aspect of their lives. To learn more about PATH, click here.

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