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Current Programs

Love and Light Wellness

Love and Light Wellness

There is an alarming increase of children who are struggling with behavioral health issues, stress, anxiety and traumas. The Love & Light Wellness incorporates Art With Heart Healing Program, Music Therapy, Nutrition Guidance & Education, Yoga, Meditation & Guided Breathing for our children.

Teen Center Logo

Teen Center

Evolving Wellness offers our Teen Community:

A safe place to Connect

A place to Unplug

Share a Meal Together

Wellness Activities

A place to be loved & accepted

Breath4Health Logo


Breath4Health is a grant funded program that serves adults with lung diseases, such as COPD, emphysema, asthma, etc. Breath4Health program offers solutions to people with lung health issues, especially those who have slipped through the cracks of the traditional healthcare system or who have limited resources for integrative wellness care. Breath4Health focuses on individuals struggling with symptoms and also people desiring to titrate off supplemental oxygen use, and improve their functional independence while strengthening their lung capacity.

The Spectrum Logo

The Spectrum

The Spectrum is a pilot program, which will begin in July 2020, that will help children with Autism thrive. It will blend education, resources and direct services for five children and their families.